50 Celebrities That Had Unbelievable Body Transformations

It’s often inspiring for many people when a celeb sheds some pounds or looks slimmer than they used to. While body positivity and self-acceptance is a fast-growing trend in the 21st century, many people wouldn’t mind losing weight, not just because they want to look good, but also for their physical and mental health.

That said, heading to the gym or eating only vegetables are quite hard habits to cultivate. For some, it’s next to impossible. However, the celebrities on this list defied the odds to achieve their goals. Many of them achieved body transformations that would shock even an optimist!

Mila Kunis (20 pounds) – Diet And Exercise

Mila Kunis was one of the many actors in Hollywood who had to lose some weight for a certain role. Kunis needed to become even skinnier for the role she had on Black Swan so she later knew that she had to maintain a strict and consistent diet plan. These days, Kunis had regained the weight that she had lost for the film.

Still, she is in great shape. Kunis also became a successful voice actress over the years and you might know her for being the voice behind Meg Griffin on Family Guy. Kunis has a voice role in an upcoming movie called Wonder Park.

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